Welcome To OK-WORLD Travel

OK-WORLD TRAVEL operates in the prospering Budapest and Hungary. Since the founding of OK-WORLD Travel in 1996, Budapest has become a charming gate to Europe, developing rapidly into a lively and modern capital, but still preserving its history, culture, music, traditions and most importantly, its welcoming hospitality and magic. The majestic River Danube flows through the capital in such a harmonious way, that Budapest is rightly called the "Pearl of the Danube".

OK-WORLD TRAVEL, operating in this inspiring environment, offers a wide range of inbound travel services to its partners and clients. 


2112 Veresegyház

Sportföld utca 23/C.

+36 1 267 60 80

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri      09:00 - 17:00 

Outside opening hours, please send e-mail to okworld@okworld.hu or call us at +36 1 267 60 80 in emergency.